Falling in love with an Italian queen...

1977 Nuova Super

A night drive around Thessaloniki with a beautiful Alfa Romeo Giulia Nuova Super feels like a rejuvenating cup of coffee before a Saturday night out experience.

Although driving a classic car during the night is more demanding than daylight driving, a slower pace can help gain better control of the road and enjoy what you usually miss with your ordinary car.

What I mean is that a modern car is foolproof: you take for granted all these amenities like park sensors, power steering or power mirrors. In deep contrast, you have to do some guesswork at the helm of a vintage car since the steering is usually heavy, the mirrors are small and the anxiety of avoiding even a minor impact is sometimes detracting your feelings from the joy of driving.

Well, in the case of old Alfas, there seems to be a secret charisma that compensates the driver for these little quirks of classic cars. Thus, the Giulia -like a true Alfa- pays you back with its beautiful lines and the simplicity of its design -an elegant 4-door sedan silhouette created by Giuseppe Scarnati in 1962.

The all-aluminum engine's characteristic growl is another attraction that instantly works like a modern Siren, creating a pleasant atmosphere between man and machine. Then come the brakes, which work like a linear equation since stopping power comes really strong immediately after pressing the brake pedal.

Active safety is further enhanced by the nimble reactions of the Giulia's chassis, which follows the road with the exact precision of a compass when drawing a circle. Although the wooden steering wheel is rather large with a slack and heavy feeling, it helps you nonetheless steer the car with enough precision in twisty roads.

Overall, the 1977 Giulia Nuova Super -the line's final model version before production ceased in 1978, perfectly communicates with its driver, passengers and passers-by thanks to its characterful qualities. Despite its age, this Alfa still drives nice and reminds us how cars were manufactured and driven half a century ago and how modern automobiles differ from their 1970s predecessors.

✎ Savas Kalfas, Managing Director, automotohistory.com


☆Photography & Project by autobeauty.xyz & Auto Business Review (autobusinessreview.com)


The story went exactly like this: the lady with the big round beige hat parked her black 190SL in style. She walked away with complete confidence and left the car behind -although parking is strictly forbidden in downtown Florence!... Everybody rushed to take a photo or two -luckily, I was one of those! It seems that a rare vintage car can bypass the traffic rules of Florence... No offence, a rare 190SL can add drama to the beauty of a romantic city like Florence, therefore, we would definitely forgive that pretty lady and thank her for spicing up our daily life! Just look at these beautiful lines dressed in white!...

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